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Kindly upgraded by John Miller of the House Vam'Pyr

Can't think of a name for a your Klingon charatcer? Klingon Character Name Generator is here to help!.

Klingons in the navy usually begin their chosen name with a 'K' or 'Q', although 'W' and 'H' have become more common recently. Marines begin theirs with an 'M', 'D', or 'V'. Klingons outside the military, but associated with it, often use 'T' or 'A' to begin their names. These guidelines are not, however, followed in all lines. Like any well-grown language, Klingonasse has changed and expanded in its scope over the years.

All you have to do is select weather your character is male or female, Enter your real Name  and House and Your Branch of Service then click on the "Generate Name" button. Within moments, you'll have a name for your new character. It even works well for naming non-player characters too!
** NOTE: This page only does Klingon character names.

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  • All of the Klingon names were found in the  Everchanging Book of Names 3.0. by 2000 Sami Pyörre.
  • Any suggestions for additional names should be forwarded to Scott Lusby or Vam'Pyr.
  • All of the most famous Klingon names, like "Mogh," "Koloth," etc., were made into "house" names instead of character given names, out of respect for Paramount.

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