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Can't think of a name for a your Rihannsu charatcer? ASR's Rihannsu Character Name Generator is here to help!. All you have to do is select weather your character is male or female and then click on the "Generate Name" button. Within moments, you'll have a name for your new character. It even works well for naming non-player characters too!

** NOTE: This page only does Rihannsu character names.

First Name:
Third (last) Name- denotes House:

Romulan Name Notes:

Prefixes used on some male first names:

  • D' - grand or great

  • Rh' - keep or hold

  • S'L - honor

  • S'T - bravery

  • us - suffix meaning strength

Prefixes used on Romulan Third (last) names:
  • t' for females
  • tr' for males


The second name is locative and is determined by the Rihannha's birthplace or clan of origin. This locative name is prefixed by i- (in the city of) or ir- (in the region of). There are three forms of locative names, each describing a different type of background and distinguished by the name's prefix.

The first form of place name begins i- meaning, from the city of. The second form of place name begins ir- meaning from the region of. A region is a rather nebulous term encompassing anything from a small province on a heavily-populated world such as Romulus to an entire colony world, depending on the population.

The final and rarest form of the locative name is used only by nobility who have a family name other than the one they were born with. Usually, this happens through marriage, although occasionally adoption will require it. In this case, the person changing their name would take their old family name as their locative name using the prefix e-, meaning 'of the family of.'

Place Names of Rihanssu Origin

Aihai:   area of plains outside Ra'tleihfi
ch'Rihan:  capital world of the Romulan Empire
ch'Havran:  companion world of Romulus
Elehu:  district in the Nn'Verih ship-bloc nation on Romulus' north continent
Fethraie: a river on Romulus
Hartlhei Caves: a large comples of caves near Mhiessan
Ihhliae:  a great city near i'Ramnau
i'Ramnau:  a city on Romulus
Iuruth:  a poor city on Romulus near i'Ramnau
Kihai:  a ship-bloc nation on the east continent of Romlus
Korthre Cliffs:  tall, beautiful oceanside cliffs in Mhiessan
Levaeri V: an uninhabited planetoid once used as a military research base
Llunih:  a ship-bloc nation on the east continent of Romulus
Mnaeha:  a city on Romulus
Mhiessan: a large port city on Romulus
Nn'Verih:  a ship-bloc nation on Romulus' north continent
Ra'tleihfi:  capital city of the Romulan Empire, located on Romulus. Also, a river running through that city
Rhehiv'je:  a city neighboring Ihhliae on Romulus
Thieurrull:  Hellguard, a failed colony planet (uninhabited)
Vorta Vor:  Romulan concept of Asgaard/Elysian Fields


Additional information on Rihanssu (Romulan) names can be found on the Romulan Languages web site.

Any suggestions for additional names should be forwarded to Scott Lusby.

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